EuroSlots Review

On the about page, EuroSlots promises a new gaming experience to Europe. Using ten years of experience in the casino and gaming industry, the company claims to bring something better.

But has it succeeded? Does EuroSlots offer anything of note, or are these claims full of air? We’ve decided to put the new player on the market to the test. Find our results below!

New Player Bonus

The new player bonus at EuroSlots isn’t exactly revolutionary, but it’s still worth going for. It’s essentially a 100% matched bonus on your first deposit up to £200. So if you put in £50 in your account, you’ll get £100 to play with straight away.

This isn’t exactly the most generous we’ve seen, as other casinos sometimes add second and even third deposit matches. In addition, we’ve seen a few that throw in some free spins as well.

Does that mean it’s not worth joining EuroSlots? Not at all. It’s still a good bonus to take advantage of and we’re seeing these drop through the web, as we suspect the casinos are seeing through those of us who like to walk away a winner by using some astute bets.

They’re still around for the time being though, so we advise you jump on the bandwagon while it’s still available. The way to win with these bonuses is to stick with conservative bets. Be willing to play it out. Don’t go for the big numbers. Sure, there’s a chance you can double your bank roll in just a few seconds but it’s just as likely that you’ll blow through your entire deposit in a flash! Remember to use the odds to your favour!

Existing Player Promotions

While EuroSlots doesn’t offer second or third deposit bonuses to new players, they have the equivalent in the monthly bonus offer. You get a matched bonus of 50% and the amount varies depending on how much you have put into the casino.

If you reach the so-called ‘platinum’ level, you get a 50% match up to £500. And guess what? No wagering requirement on this one. You can literally withdraw the money straight away.

Again, we’ve seen more generous on-going promotions elsewhere, but it’s still worth taking advantage. They all add up, after all!

Slots and Games

The slots and games section at EuroSlots is known as the ‘Game Lobby’ and you’ll find old and new favourites alike:

  • Video Slots – These are the new and modern games that are amongst our favourites. Have a shot at Big Bad Wolf or Creature From the Black Lagoon. They’re both good fun.
  • Table Games – Baccarat, roulette and blackjack are all available in different formats. You’ve got all the choice you need here.
  • Classic Slots – If you don’t like the hustle and bustle of the new video slots, why not stick to the classic games instead?
  • Lottery – If you want to win big, head over to this section.
  • Jackpot Games – these are the games that really have the fortunes hidden away. While the smaller wins aren’t as common, you do have the chance of becoming a millionaire overnight.

Live Casino

No live casino here, folks. We were a little surprised not to see one, to be honest. BUT it’s a new offering so perhaps they’ll have one coming up in the near future. We’ve heard rumblings, so keep your eyes peeled!

Sports Betting

No sports betting here either, but that’s no major loss. Most of the casino sites have sports as an add-on anyway and you’re better off heading to sites that specialise in football and the like!

Customer Service

This is where EuroSlots really impressed us. Some of the newer casinos are absolutely reliable, but the support system can be called shoddy at best. However, EuroSlots has placed customer support at the forefront.

This means that you can chat to a customer service agent pretty much anytime you want. In fact, live chat support is available 24/7 with no exceptions. If your matter isn’t pressing, then why not use the email support form to get what you need? They usually respond within 24 hours.

Not only did we find the customer service absolutely stellar, we were also glad to see that the company has invested quite a lot of time in having an extensive FAQ and Support section. It essentially means that most questions are answered on the site, without needing to go through the hassle of getting in touch with someone. They even have video tutorials, so every base is covered here. Impressive!

Deposits and Withdrawals

Again, the experience was completely smooth with EuroSlots. We were able to have our account up and running within a few minutes and were surprised that bank transfers only take 5 minutes to process. Of course, you can also opt for instant payment methods such as Credit or Debit Card.

When it came to withdrawing our juicy new player bonus winnings, we didn’t run into a single hitch. We sometimes find that casinos will be happy to take our money, but not as easy going when it comes to letting us take it out.

We were glad to see that we didn’t suddenly have to produce our birth certificates to get our money out! We had our winnings in our accounts in just a few hours most times, though it took little over a day for one of our larger withdrawals. No big deal, it’s pretty standard to have agents checking everything out just to make sure it’s kosher.

Our Final Verdict

It’s not the most glamorous online casino we’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting, but it’s still a solid offering that’s well worth a wager. The reason for this is the bonus for new players as well as the on-going promotions. While they’re not the best around, they’re nevertheless enough to turn a profit for the shrewd casino-dweller.

Overall, we’re going to give EuroSlots our thumbs up. It’s not going to win our top prize, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t join. The more the merrier, correct?